We offer Virtual Fittings with one of our Fit Experts to help guide you through the process.  Here are the most common questions we're asked about Virtual Fittings:

How do I book a Virtual Fitting?

You can set up a Virtual Fitting by visiting our website and clicking on the "Book a Fitting" link in the top bar or by clicking here.  You'll select the day and time that work for you, select Google Meet as your location, and enter your contact information.

You'll receive a confirmation email with a calendar invite for the day and time selected.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, just follow the links in the email.

When its time for your fitting, you can join the meeting by clicking "Join with Google Meet" button in the event notes in your calendar, or clicking on the "Join with Google Meet" link in the confirmation email.  

What happens during a Virtual Fitting?

When you sign in to the virtual fitting, you will be greeted by one of our Fit Experts.  They will ask you a few questions about what you're looking for in your perfect pair of jeans, common fit issues you run into, and how you typically wear your jeans.  Your Fit Expert may ask you to take some measurements to help determine size, body shape, and inseam.  

We'll explain and answer any questions you have about all of the different options we provide for your jeans, and walk you through the process of building your jeans on our website.  

Virtual Fittings usually last between 10 and 15 minutes.

What else should I bring to my Virtual Fitting?

It can be helpful to have a measuring tape on hand.  (Don't own a measuring tape? Drop us a note here and we'll send you a super nice, US-made tailor's tape.)

What should I wear during my Virtual Fitting?

If you have a pair of jeans that fit just right, wear those.  If not, you can wear any pants that aren't too baggy (leggings, jeans, slacks, whatever you got - the less baggy the better!)

Is it gonna be weird?

Nope!  While all virtual meetings can be a bit clunky, we strive to make our Virtual Fittings as comfortable for you as possible. We know it can be hard to talk about our bodies, especially with a stranger on the internet! Our Fit Experts are professionals trained in pattern-making and denim construction, and are quite used to talking about bodies, how jeans fit, and how to trouble-shoot what isn't working. 

Do you have other questions about Virtual Fittings?  Send them our way by clicking here!