Buying the Gift Card Fit Kit

How it works: 

  1. You purchase the Gift Card Fit Kit
  2. We send it to your address of choice. 
  3. The recipient redeems the gift card for an amazing pair of custom jeans, made just for them. 

Is it a physical gift card?

   Yes, you'll purchase the Gift Card Fit Kit and we'll generate a physical gift card for you. 

What comes in it? 

    The Gift Card Fit Kit includes a gift card in a leather snap case, a DDCo. measuring tape, and instructions on the ordering process. It all comes packaged in a denim pouch and wrapped with a denim bow.  

Let us know if you'd like a handwritten note included as well.

Why's the price $333.90? 

    The gift card price is $333.90 to cover the cost of our standard selvedge denim and sales tax (no one likes that surprise at the end). Most of the denims we offer will be covered by this amount.

What is the gift recipient want to use the gift card towards a limited run that is more expensive than your standard selvedge denim? 

    They can totally do that! They will apply the gift card at check out, and can pay for any additional cost with whatever payment method they choose. 

What if the gift recipient wants to use the gift card towards a non-selvedge denim that is less expensive than your standard selvedge denim?

    They can totally do that too! Our non selvedge denims are $50 less than our standard, and your gift recipient will receive a crispy $50 bill along with their custom made jeans.

Redeeming the Gift Card Fit Kit

received a Gift Card Fit Kit, how do I get jeans?

    Option 1: Build Your Jeans

    You can visit and click on the "Build Your Jean" icon. Use the Jean Builder tool to select their fabric, fly type, size, body shape, leg style, and inseam. 

    You can apply the gift card at check out, and we'll get to making the jeans. In a few weeks you'll receive your custom jeans!

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out via chat, email, or phone.

    Option 2: Book a Virtual fitting. 

    You can visit and book a Virtual Fitting if you would like to talk to one of our fit experts face to face about any questions you have or to just walk through the Jean Builder together. Want to learn more about Virtual Fittings? Click here.

Can I get fitted in person? 

    While we currently do not have a physical store we frequently have pop-up  events. If you would like to get fitted in person please reach out to our team at to inquire about upcoming pop-ups. 

Can the Gift Card be refunded? 

    Yes, we can offer a refund on gift cards within 6 months of purchase. The refund will be issued to the original purchaser's method of payment.