WhatThe following steps describe how to access and flexibly complete a jean hem alteration 
WhyIt's important that the Repair tech understands the basics of completing a quality repair to be able to apply the skills to any repair that needs to be repaired using the darner
WhoRepair Tech
WhenEverytime a hem is completed
Sending the Product tracker update
Look at tag/form
2Pull hem
Turn jeans inside out
Measure and mark desired inseam length, then1” beyond for new seam allowance.
Use straight edge and razor to cut new length
At chain stitch machine: hemming
You will start stitching at inseam
Fold jeans hem over 1”-1.5”
Use folder-hem should follow guide
Use L hand to pull fabric and R hand to guide fabric - until you get to inseam
Stitch slowly-short steady bursts
Make sure outseam is open and flat
As you approach the inseam remove from folder
Keep taut with R hand and continue with fold flat and taut
Run stitch over hump at inseam and continue 1” over stitching
Pull thread and clip free from machine
Tie off thread at hem
Trim all threads
Turn jeans right side out