This is where we can get a little crazy. Push the envelope if you will. After years and years of combing the globe for denim, we take a few that we just can't help ourselves with and offer them up to you. Denim poetry. 

When we find special materials (and/or processes) we offer up a Secret Stash. It's a highly limited quantity of between 2-18 of a particularly wonderful jean. These are about as special as a jean can get. A unique material/process made into a custom pair of jeans by skilled craftspeople. Yeah, this is special. 

How it works:

1. We find something extraordinarily special and share on Instagram and email list.

2. You select your custom options on our build tool

3. We get to work making your custom jeans and you get updated along the way

4. You receive your highly prized special Secret Stash jeans and wear happily for years and years. 

5. Guaranteed.

Past examples of Secret Stash

-Japanese selvedge from tiny mill

-Deadstock Cone denim

-Hemp blend

-Stitchworks - a celebration of DDCo. stitching mastery

-Impossibly soft Italian Flannel