We consume. Clothing. A lot. 

The facts are staggering. Our global community makes more clothing now than ever before. In fact, we have doubled our output of apparel 2x in the last 15 years. We make more clothing that we can consume. It's a problem on a grand scale. 

This all took shape when we visited Copenhagen for the Global Fashion Summit. This is an annual event that focuses on the sustainability of the fashion industry. All the main players (from Nike, to Adidas, to Ralph Lauren, to H&M, to Gucci, to Everlane, to Allbirds and many more) attend and present their cases. During this time, we noticed a clear lack of movement to making less. There are such tremendous pressure on these businesses to continue business as usual. These large companies cannot take risks that jeopardize their shareholders. The commitments to sustainability were lackluster at best. No one talked about the elephant in the room; the vast overproduction and waste of the industry. The equivalent of 300 semi-trucks each day headed to the land fill with never worn overproduction. 

Rather than go on and on about this problem, we prefer to talk about the options that we are pursuing. It is simply to make exceptional clothing (jeans in this case) that are made only when needed. No waste. No over production. We believe that it's possible to change the way things are. If you want a pair of amazing jeans custom made just for you? Let us know and we will take good care of you. One pair at a time.