Got the funk? No worries, there are a few ways to handle a pair of jeans that need some airing out.

What works? 

1.     Lay out in the sun. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant (no jokes please). Hang or lay your jeans out in the sun and let that big fiery ball do it's magic. 

2.     Febreeze. Borrow some from your grandma and give these pants a spray.

3.     50/50 mix of cheap vodka and water spray. Alcohol kills bacteria. A liberal spray of vodka and water will tame any odors. (fact: this is a common method for refreshing outfits in live theater)

What doesn't work? 

1.     The freezer. Doesn't work. Does give you nice cold pants to wear though. 

2.     Leave wadded into a ball at the foot of your bed. C'mon. How old are you? Hang up your jeans!