Here are the best ways to determine your inseam.

Measure your jeans

Measure your self

Measure your jeans

Lay your jeans on a flat surface and smooth them out. 

Using a tailors tape, measure the distance from the center crotch point to the end of your jean being carfeul to follow the inside seam of the jean. 

Measure yourself (works best with 2 people)

Put on your favorite jeans and a pair of shoes

Whiles standing, hold the starting end of the tape measure against the crotch point and measure to the desired ending point. 

Tips and tricks

-Go long (we can always shorten)

-Consider cuffing. A 1-1.5" cuff is a good place to start. 

-You can expect a slight amount of shrinkage of length with repeated washing and drying. 

-Men: go as long as possible without dragging at the heel

-Women: go just past the bottom of your ankle bone for tapered jeans, for wider legs, consider going longer

Questions, reach out. We can gladly help you determine your best inseam.

Lastly, if in doubt, go longer than you think. We can always shorten your jean (for free). It's not possible to lengthen them.