Detroit Denim Co. offers four standard shapes for our jeans. Each one is designed to help you arrive at your best and most flattering fit.


Slim Shapes are designed for those with a flatter seat and slimmer legs. In our Women's Jean Shapes, a Slim is typically a person whose waist measurement is no more than 9" smaller than their hip measurement. For example, a person with 32" waist and a 38" hip measurement would fit well in a Slim. Available in sizes 24 to 38.

Fitting notes: Slim style solves the common fit issue of "saggy diaper butt".


This is our most popular, middle-of-the-bell-curve shape. A great basic fit, our Classic shape is a great one for those transitioning from other popular, widely-available denim brands.

Fitting notes: If you typically don't have fit problems when buying jeans at the department store, then the Classic shape is for you.


More room through the waist, hip and thigh. Previously referred to as our Hockey Cut, this shape is for a stockier build, with more room through the seat, hip and thigh and eases back in to the waist. This is the perfect fit for bicyclists, hockey players, and other athletes who go by the name "Quad-zilla". If you're the person who never misses Leg Day, you'll love this shape.

Fitting notes: If you find that when you buy for the correct waist size,  it's tight through the seat and thigh, then our Athletic Shape is your solution.


The perfect shape for those with a wider waist-to-hip ratio. For example, a person with a 32" waist and a 44" hip measurement would be very happy with a Curvy.

Fitting notes: If you commonly find yourself having to go two sizes up to fit your seat & upper thigh, but then cinching in the waist with a belt, then our Curvy style will solve your problems.

Coming soon (date TBD): Ultra-Curvy

For a more extreme difference in waist-to-hip ratio. Think Kardashian-esque. This fit is under construction and will be available in the future.

Need Help?

Still not sure which Shape will best fit you? Talk to one of our experienced Pattern Experts and they can guide you into a style that works best for you. Sign up for a Virtual Fitting or Contact Us.