Denim Specs
13.5 ounces
100% Cotton
Vidalia Mills
Country of Origin

This is the good stuff. We chose this particular denim as our all-the-time 100% cotton fabric for good reason.  Here are a few of them:

1) US-Milled

    Milled in Louisiana on vintage Draper X3 looms that have been making denim for well over 100 years. We source our rigid denim from the folks over at Vidalia Mills, who resurrected these machines after the Cone Mills' White Oak plant closure in 2018. We know how hard it can be these days to find US-based suppliers, especially in our industry, so we support these companies whenever we can.

2) Indigo-Dyed

    Some denim fabric gets the majority of their dark blue color from sulphur dying, which doesn't fade as well as indigo. We selected this denim for it's deep, rich blue color, which is achieved by rope-dying the yarns in indigo and will fade exceptionally well over the life of the jean.

3) Character and Charm

    Because of the nature of the short-format looms upon which this denim is woven, this fabric has a depth and character not found in many wide-format denims.